Where I come from

I come from the landscape.

Very early on, I felt our connection to the land and the forests, stones and water.

The forests, rivers and wet and green meadows of Maine in northwest France shaped my imagination.

Fire art, followed by ceramics, feeds on the most archaic identities whilst asserting a contemporary dimension. Birth, death, the body and its impulses are at the heart of my reflection.

Nicolas Poussin then Joachim Patinir taught me the art of landscape, and Georges Jeanclos made me choose clay.

Valérie Delarue

All of Valérie Delarue’s art consists of resolving conflicting forces into a harmonious whole. Parallel to ceramic sculpture, she renews a pertinent dialogue with drawing through her dazzling art of pastel, sparking the dawn of a reconciled world, where the human and the mineral seem to be able to finally agree in an indistinct unity.

Frédéric Bodet
Curator of collections, art critic, curator of exhibitions